Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Married the Right Way?

by Ralf Roletschek

I just read an article from Fox News, I know, already red flags going up right?  The title of the article was "Waiting Until the Wedding Night-Getting Married the Right Way".  

If you do read the article, the one I linked has added animated gifs, *snort*, there were some words I found to be absolutely hilarious.


I felt like I was on a blast to the past!  I also wondered if he used thesaurus on Microsoft Word to find "intelligent" words for his opinion.

Good for you, you waited for marriage.  But the ignorance spewing out of his mouth makes me shake my head in shame that you call yourself a Christian.  A person who, by definition, should be "Christ like".  

Jesus accepted everyone, from whores to tax collectors and called for people to love your neighbor.  Instead, this man decides to judge strangers he will never meet, focus on his "right" way of thinking, and criticize another married couple instead of enjoying time with his wife.

I understand everyone can be a hypocrite, but this man takes the cake for backsliding just by is pompous attitude. 

Marriage has grown and evolved over time and has not always been between a man and a woman.  There wasn't always Christian marriage sir, the Pagans had it first.