Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pie Has Been Found

After over two months of searching a lady called my cell phone and told me she had Pie in her back yard for over two weeks and was very thankful to find he had an owner. At the time I was still getting over a cold turned sinus infection and wondered if the night I called upon Bast to help me find my furry baby had anything to do with finally finding him. Of course at the time I was exhausted from coughing and saw floating hamburgers, but magick works in mysterious ways.

I wish I had called her sooner and perhaps he would have been home, but I'm a believer in doing everything mundane first before calling up the universe to help me. Also, I already tried a Fairy Cat Return spell about a month before with little results, so it seemed a little greedy to ask for help again from the powers that be.

However, I think in my sickly state Bast saw past my karma and decided I had paid it off by being persistent and desperate to find my furry baby. In short I learned a valuable lesson in respect for the animals you care for. It's not right to take advantage of them, because they are as dependent on you as a human child and are not to blame for personal problems, even when they fling kitty treats everywhere.

So, thank you Bast and the powers that be for bringing my kitty back to me.

Blessed be :)