Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life is Life

Merry Meet!

I know I haven't been writing for a while and here is why:

My mother is in the hospital for a long fight and neglect of her diabetes.
I finally broke up with my fiance and have been hanging out with friends more.
I have been focusing more on school.

So, honestly life has been very busy for me.

I really just want to talk about how weird everything if falling into place for me recently. Months ago I asked the Goddess for someone to share my spirituality openly with and soon after I broke up with my fiance one of my friends started asking me a bunch of questions about Wicca and my personal beliefs.

I was honestly shocked and perused the relationship further and have examined it carefully with meditation and some divination. Right now it looks as if we are meant to be partners in life's crimes and perhaps even into a romantic relationship. I'm really trying to keep it cool, but it's really difficult to do so when your brain is constantly thinking inappropriate thoughts. LoL.

I also have been offered a head writing job with my friends start up business and I have this idea which I think will sell well if I connect with one of my parent's friends who sells cookies.

Life has never fallen into such a line for me before and I'm absolutely ecstatic about it and willing to work for it. It's strange how breaking off a burdensome relationship can be so enlightening. Not that I do not love my X as a friend, but I really believe we can never truly be the same or just friends ever again.

I just thought I'd drop my blog a line, if anyone is reading, so that's life.

Blessed be :)