Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fighting Amongst Ourselves

I have noticed that anonymous + The Internet= douchebags.

I may have different opinions than others, but I do try not to attack people on an individual basis. I already know I am at fault for it but I do try. Mainly because my name here isn’t for animosity, but it is my Goddess given name. So, I do try to represent myself to the community in a dignified manner.

However, I have noticed many have decided to use the Internet as a garbage dump for attacking individuals based on opinions, not facts. This is wrong, but it shows a horrifying truth, people hurt at anytime they can get away from punishment.

Is this the true face of society? Hiding behind pleasant masks while we boil with anger inside? Are we so suppressed emotionally that we can not find civil ways to express our deepest thoughts and opinions?

I guess what I’m asking for is common courtesy on the Internet as we have in person, for the most part at least. I will presently apologize for any harsh offences I have laid, but if it is a matter of opinion, it is just my word, not the voice of the masses.

I'm just so tired of people saying they want a better world, then using the Internet to do the opposite. Just yesterday a teenager called me, his number was 'private', and called me a 'f-ing bitch' for putting up so many cat posters. Would he have called if it were not anonymous? Probably not.

There is security behind privacy, but when does privacy become a weapon?

We need to be the people we truly are online and off. To do otherwise is two-faced. This not only applies to the Pagan community, but to all of humanity.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Dream

I've never dreamed of my wedding before, so this was a very strange dream for me to have and remember.

Lately I have not been happy with my fiance of 2 years because I do not think we are meant for each other, we're just too scared to look for anyone else.

In the dream, everything went wrong, mainly on the dress. It was stained, ripped, torn, to the point where I had to cover it up wit a shawl. But I was happy and my future husband held me so gently it was lovely.

He also looked nothing like my current fiance, dark hair, brown eyes, completely handsome. I was also skinny.

I personally believe it was a sign that there is someone better out there for me and despite disaster, it will all work out. It's so hard to move on from a long lasting relationship, we have been together for over ten years, it feels more like a divorce. Of course there is nothing horribly wrong wit the relationship, but I'm not happy and I deserve better, so I need to let go, focus on myself and maybe find someone on the way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Water Scrying Message

On 11/15 I had a dream of being taken by water spirits to an underwater cavern. I took this as a sign to attempt water scrying to see if it would develop any information about my lost cat Pie.

11/16: I lit my candles, set up some water noises on my i-pod and began to focus and stare into the bowl filled with water. It took a while just to relax, but I finally saw some images of faries, crescent moons, missing eyes, even my own left eye started to go blurry (the same eye missing from my cat).

Perhaps Pie will return on a crescent moon, waxing or waning, I do not know I just hope he comes home soon.

Have you seen my kitty:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fairy Cat Return Spell

I’ve been missing my cat, Pie, for nine days now. Angel was kind enough to give me a cat spell from Ellen Dugan’s book, The Enchanted Cat, so I can call to Pie magickally and hopefully bring him home soon.

The spell itself left me tingly and crying, because I really do ant my baby back in my loving arms, it also left me with a sense of calm, to the point where I didn’t feel the need to call on the Ouija board. Thank goddess because I don’t think it’s safe to work one alone.

Yes, I have done all the mundane I could do, putting up posters, calling all the local shelters in the area, posting on craigslist and It was especially stressful when we thought our beloved Pie was dead, but that changed quickly because I discover that the date of disappearance for Pie and mystery cat, did not match. Also it was just too weird for Pie to have been taken to a Willow Glen clinic, about ten miles from my house. So I thank the god and goddess immensely for revealing that information to me.

Now I’m in action, but I have to do my school work. Luckily I have a lot of free time because I’ve been off work because of an injured hip and knee. I’m feeling better though, so yay, I can go back to work soon.

I feel so much better after doing the spell. I do not believe it would have felt half as good if I had not done everything mundane I could, because I would have felt a little pre-executed if I called to the gods for help before trying something on my own. I’m so thankful, I hope my baby will some home soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Missing Cat Update

Name: Pie
Color: Orange and White Tabby
Last Seen: Walters Ave, Campbell, CA, 10/29
Distinct Markings: He is missing a left eye.

Pie is about five years old and has been missing for days. We really miss him and have checked the shelters. One picture looked promising but they were closed on Monday and by Tuesday either killed him or set him up for adoption. We are still looking and cannot stop crying, please help us find our cat!

Four days ago, 11/3/2009, he may have been seen at the Farm Milk Dairy @ 900 San Thomas Aquino Rd, Campbell, Ca

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

San Jose Animal Care and Services Killed My Cat

Pie was a healthy, neutered and was missing a left eye. He was then taken to the City of San Jose Animal Care Center.

We were so relieved when we found his picture and called leaving messages and finally spoke to a real person. We gave her the information and said we would be in Tuesday to pick Pie up, but on Tuesday his website image was missing and so was Pie.
The shelter only keeps their lost animals for about four days, that is the minimum, and then they become the property of the City of San Jose. However we could not pick up Pie on Monday, his fifth day at the shelter, because they were closed.

In consequence, Pie was euthanized, despite the fact there was no way to retrieve him from the shelter on Monday and we called telling them his identification number and the fact he was our cat. Obviously, someone did not do their job, otherwise our cat would be home.

The policy gives little hope for a pet owner, especially for cats, because cats tend to wander and can be missing for a day for two. By the time you realize your cat is truly missing half your time was gone.

Then, you have to look in different shelters. Pie was not at the normal Campbell shelter, the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority, but at the San Jose one. This was also time consuming.
Fist off, change the waiting period for lost animals to seven days, so owners can search more ground and have a change to actually find their pet.

Second, no euthanizations on days the shelter will be closed and do not count the days of closing as days of holding. If the family cannot pick up their beloved pet, then the shelter shouldn’t have the right to exterminate it.

Lastly, make the fines cheaper. It would have cost over 150$ to release Pie. It costs about 100$ for adopting a new kitten.

No wonder why people decide to abandon their animals, they cannot afford to bail them out of kitty jail.

We spoke to Staceey Dains about or detrimental situation and she attempted to blame us for Pie’s death, but it was her staff who either forgot or never bothered to write down the desperate pleas of a family for their cat’s life.

Policy needs to be changed, these shelters are supposed to be a safety net for our lost pets, not an execution chamber.

My One Eyed Cat is Still Missing

Both of my cats went missing on 10/27, we got one of them back, but the other is still at large.

Color: Orange and White Tabby Shorthair
Unique Feature: Missing Left Eye
Gender: Male (neutered)
Last Seen: 10/27 Campbell, Ca Walters Ave

We checked the local shelters, who only seem to care about licensing and beating you for every penny to bail out your cat.

How ridiculious is it when it costs over 150$ to bail out a cat and it costs 100$-55$ to adopt one? No wonder people abandon their pets in the shelter, it's cheaper to adopt another one than free their own.

We even thought we found him, and called the shelter, but they were closed on Monday, the last legal day they are obligated to hold our lost pet, so we couldn't pick him up until Tuesday.

However, there was no sign of him at the shelter on Tuesday and we were both mad, because how could we pick up our cat yesterday when they weren't open and we called telling them he was our cat?

I pray he wasn't euthanized and I hope we can find him.

We just haven't stopped crying, please help us find him.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why is life so chaotic?

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while, but I've been busy with school, I injured myself at work, so life has been pretty hectic and I have barley any time to work any spells or even basic rituals.

But I did make some time to celebrate Samhain. It was a quick and simple ritual because I spent the day gaming Exalted with a friend. I really just followed Cunningham's ritual procedures and it was just nice to sit down and relax with the elemental and spiritual energies.

As I said I was injured at work and I've been off for over two weeks. It's not deadly, but my left knee and hip are continuously in pain at random moments, mainly when I stand too long.

I feel truly depressed because I feel useless and that is why I'm so thankful to the Samhain ritual. I let my worries pass into the endless universe, my hopes, dreams, fears, all passed onto a higher power. It's a great lift from my shoulders.

I have a feeling everything will finally work out: I will find insurance coverage, I will move out, I will find a better job. Saying I will says so much.

So how was your Samhain? :)