Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fighting Amongst Ourselves

I have noticed that anonymous + The Internet= douchebags.

I may have different opinions than others, but I do try not to attack people on an individual basis. I already know I am at fault for it but I do try. Mainly because my name here isn’t for animosity, but it is my Goddess given name. So, I do try to represent myself to the community in a dignified manner.

However, I have noticed many have decided to use the Internet as a garbage dump for attacking individuals based on opinions, not facts. This is wrong, but it shows a horrifying truth, people hurt at anytime they can get away from punishment.

Is this the true face of society? Hiding behind pleasant masks while we boil with anger inside? Are we so suppressed emotionally that we can not find civil ways to express our deepest thoughts and opinions?

I guess what I’m asking for is common courtesy on the Internet as we have in person, for the most part at least. I will presently apologize for any harsh offences I have laid, but if it is a matter of opinion, it is just my word, not the voice of the masses.

I'm just so tired of people saying they want a better world, then using the Internet to do the opposite. Just yesterday a teenager called me, his number was 'private', and called me a 'f-ing bitch' for putting up so many cat posters. Would he have called if it were not anonymous? Probably not.

There is security behind privacy, but when does privacy become a weapon?

We need to be the people we truly are online and off. To do otherwise is two-faced. This not only applies to the Pagan community, but to all of humanity.