Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Dream

I've never dreamed of my wedding before, so this was a very strange dream for me to have and remember.

Lately I have not been happy with my fiance of 2 years because I do not think we are meant for each other, we're just too scared to look for anyone else.

In the dream, everything went wrong, mainly on the dress. It was stained, ripped, torn, to the point where I had to cover it up wit a shawl. But I was happy and my future husband held me so gently it was lovely.

He also looked nothing like my current fiance, dark hair, brown eyes, completely handsome. I was also skinny.

I personally believe it was a sign that there is someone better out there for me and despite disaster, it will all work out. It's so hard to move on from a long lasting relationship, we have been together for over ten years, it feels more like a divorce. Of course there is nothing horribly wrong wit the relationship, but I'm not happy and I deserve better, so I need to let go, focus on myself and maybe find someone on the way.