Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poem: Deep and Missing Pie

This poem came to me while I was meditating last night. I was focusing my energy into finding my missing cat Pie. I think it might be about how I'm pulling away from life outside of finding Pie and how my soul feels empty without him in my life. He is just so dear to me, he literally was almost born on my head.

I'm hoping my water scrying was accurate and maybe he will be coming back soon. But who really knows, I might be wrong and maybe it was a message for me to realize he has moved on.

My soul is a cave
dark, quiet,
sunlight is unknown

Like water,
everything is still
ebbing away at the walls
dripping down solid cones

There is life here,
blind, surviving
on the black quiet

Light will come
through the cracks
slowly creeping
its cautious beams

But everything is blind,
stiff and cold,
barley living in
the pitch

Digging deeper
into the earth
my breath will hide

Fearing the suns rays
raging above
my thick skin

in the deep.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christian Witches

Fine, you can be a Christian Witch, but I would call myself a prayer healer or Christian Mystic. Unfortunately in the Bible, witches are evil, that's it. It doesn't matter how you explain witchcraft=wise-craft, the Bible does not support witches.Witchcraft: Wikipedia

However, you can receive gifts through God, the fruits of the spirit,, which could be seen as magic. Also, plants were used commonly in the Bible, some in spiritual practices, and so were stones, just as garments though.

So what would be a Christian witch, one blessed with the fruits of the spirit and one who uses herbs and stones to the strict interpretation within the Bible. The power only comes from God. Not the plant, not from within, no the stone, but through faith in God alone.

In the end the only issue left is the title, call yourself a prayer healer and just move on. I'm just tired of this. I'm sorry if I sound extra agitated, but I'm sick and this topic really annoys me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I Hope For Chrisianity

Christianity is the major religion around the Western world. Do I think this could change, it could he a likely possibility, however, I rather see religions just tolerate each other or at least ignore one another. Christianity itself has some historical backing from their Jewish dedication to writing the Torah, but history is written by the winners and it is only assumed no mistakes were made. In fact, there is evidence that at one time Judaism was polytheistic.


Christianity is based on thousands of years of tradition. Traditions long dead for the most part. We will never truly know what life was like thousands of years ago, much like the ancient witch traditions. Assumption truly is our only tool, despite the archeological evidence and writings, it doesn't cover actual accounts beyond the Bible.

I really don't think Christianity will ever completely disappear, but I do beleive it will evolve to be more tolerant. It will be realized most of the Bible is a historical reveal into the laws of the time, some of the stories may have been inflated to add some flamboyancy (although Salomon having a ring controlling demons was pretty cool), perhaps the forgotten books of the Bible will be thoroughly studied and accepted as authentic works, there could be many changes, these are just a few changes I would like to see.

Thanks for reading,
Blessed Be.