Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christian Witches

Fine, you can be a Christian Witch, but I would call myself a prayer healer or Christian Mystic. Unfortunately in the Bible, witches are evil, that's it. It doesn't matter how you explain witchcraft=wise-craft, the Bible does not support witches.Witchcraft: Wikipedia

However, you can receive gifts through God, the fruits of the spirit,, which could be seen as magic. Also, plants were used commonly in the Bible, some in spiritual practices, and so were stones, just as garments though.

So what would be a Christian witch, one blessed with the fruits of the spirit and one who uses herbs and stones to the strict interpretation within the Bible. The power only comes from God. Not the plant, not from within, no the stone, but through faith in God alone.

In the end the only issue left is the title, call yourself a prayer healer and just move on. I'm just tired of this. I'm sorry if I sound extra agitated, but I'm sick and this topic really annoys me.