Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are Love Spells Harmless?

This was a question I asked before performing a love spell, and my answer is yes and no, mainly because every spell and every person is different.

Recently I just broke up from my fiancĂ© and I hate to sound desperate, but I needed a little love in my life. I’m really trying not to peruse anyone, but I wouldn’t mind if a certain someone falls into my love life soon.

I am in no way trying to make the person fall in love with me, but really just trying to open up the right channels to let love thrive again.

There is a large difference between just opening up for love and trying to convince another to love you by spell force. I personally believe this is wrong on many levels, but mostly to the person who is being charmed.

Also, there is the question if you do find love, is it real or just a manipulation done by the spell? Again, this has to do with the formulation of the spell. If it was just to have love opened then the love you find is most likely true, but if it is built on manipulation, then it’s most likely false.

So in short, love spells are only good if the person seeking love has true intentions.