Saturday, June 30, 2012

War On Kids

By unidentified [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons
The War on Kids documentary film shows how the American education system is broken and needs to be fixed if we want children to develop critical-thinking-intelligent minds.

College really opened my eyes up to history, liturature, psycology, all ignored by my private Christian school.  The school did, however, instill crititcal thinking in me, although it was supposed to be for other religions, practices and lifestyles, I applied it to the Christian faith and found holes in logic.  I think I went through the stages of grief and finally moved onto my agnostic life until I found witchcraft and Wicca.  

In the documentary they show the shift from Nancy Regan's "Just Say No" to medicating our children with powerful drugs equivlient to cocain and meth and making schools a "Zero Tolerance Zone" for violence and how police arrest children for bringing nail clippers to school.

Phtographer Unknown
The documentary starts with an extreme cartoon featuring "evil children" who will not listen to their parents and prepare molotav coctails.  Are parents afraid of their children?  Yes, the war on drugs spurred a movment into making children into criminals before they became them, a kind of self-fulfilling profecy.

At first the "Zero Tolerance" only covered guns, then it would cover any kind of weapon, incuding wallet chains, then just strictly violence, like the kindergartener "firing" a chicken nugget at a teacher.  Each step pushes down on children, controlling them and when the policy doesn't work, parents drug them.

I'm not personally afraid of children, I love letting them play outside, explore and avoiding homework at all cost.  Homework is another way schools reach beyond the eight hour school day and make children work overtime.  There is no time to socialize, be creative, be interested and we expect newly graduated high schoolers to be creative, innovative and independent when they were subjected to a system of control like a prision. 

The fear in this country created a snowball effect going beyond protecting children, but openly making them criminals and refusing their rights.  It is not legal for a child to be questioned without parental concent, hardly any child is read their miranda rights and their being emotionally manipulated by the school personel they trust.

Cameras, metal detectors, police officers canvas shools now and why?  To keep guns and violence out of school, but we brought the guns and violence in.  A modern educational facility today looks more like a prision, so is it a wonder children act like criminals?

Fear feeds this mindset and the false promise of safety.  Students do not feel safer, studends feel watched and become paranoid.  

America really doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to educating out chidlren.  Teachers want quiet in an over croweded classroom where children are board, ask questions, fidget and the teacher diagnosis them with ADHD.  I would be labled ADHD now, but was I just an average child full of energy?  

Keeping children indorrs, under rules and strict schedule damages our children, so let your kids be kids, not drones of the state.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Playing Outside

Their mom is trying to clean the house right now and to be better organized, so the kids are staying outside more.  When I nanny, I love to play outside and let the 14 month old run around with his two siblings in the dirt.  The older siblings are very computer savvy and play Minecraft, Wizard101 and tons of youtube videos.

I remember when I was a child I spend almost every moment outside to escape to my own worlds separate from the abuse I was experiencing.  I made roller coasters our of holes and a wagon, climbed towers to fight monsters, imagined kingdoms, sat in the tall backyard grass watching the bugs crawl all around me.  I didn't have safe play structures, but tons of imagination brimming out onto the surrounding earth; creating a world of creative wonder.

Seeing this now in the children I nanny makes me want to play, create and imagine all over again.  I color with the chalk, build towers out of sand, act like crazy restaurant patrons all for the sake of play.

There is a certain magick in childlike play, it draws you down to an innocence lost underneath the realities of life like bills, school, cleaning your house, all these things wash away play.

My childhood was happy for a part, but my happiness was shaky because my mother would use my emotions to further her own insane agenda.  What was her agenda?  Who knows, I think she was just in so much pain she doesn't even know why she was angry.  There was always a cost for our happiness and it was not a fair childhood.

It is so important for children to play outside in the sunshine and develop a sensory for the earth around them.  I even play video games sometimes, but I much rather be sitting outside under the sunlight watering my plants.

This is why I like to play outside with the children, I'm redoing my childhood.  I know I can never deny what happened to me, even though my mother will, but I can choose to heal it.

What activities do you do with your children outside?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

BPA is Everywhere

A few weeks ago I asked Hansen's Sodas if they use phthalates or BPA to coat the inside of their cans.  They did respond, but they didn't exactly answer my question.

"Thanks for visiting the Hansen’s website.

We understand your concern, but can confidently assure you that beverage cans are safe. It is important to remember that all components of packages that come into contact with food or beverages undergo stringent testing and must comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations before use. Our entire beverage cans meet or exceed federal and state health and safety standards. In fact, all components used in beverage cans, including coatings, have been and continue to be recognized as safe by the FDA.

Our company has worked with the Can Manufactures Institute to respond to claims that the chemical Bisphenol A, used in a formulation of certain can coatings, is unsafe. Bisphenol A is alleged to be a possible estrogen mimic by a small group of activists and allegedly pose threats at low-dose exposures to vulnerable populations. However, CMI, working with the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. developed very convincing data, which demonstrate the safety of foods and beverages in cans lined with coatings made with Bisphenol A. The data show the American consumer has no exposure whatsoever to Bisphenol A through canned beverages. These findings have been provided to and reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

Beverage cans are safe, and provide the highest quality packaging for beverages on the market today.

Hansen's Beverage Company"

The letter basically says yes we coat our cans in a plastic that has not been proven to be unsafe for you by the Can Manufactures Institute, company supported, the FDA and the USDA, whose powers do not reach far enough to ban or challenge any claims until someone has died from said substance/ claim without a shadow of a doubt.

You can buy these products at Whole Foods, a company priding itself on providing organic and natural products.  Bisphenol A, is an artifical hormone, estrogen to be precise, and the body cannot tell the difference between this hormone and the ones produces in our bodies.  This artificial hormone can send false signals to our cells, making them not work properly and cause damage to the body.
The FDA has taken some steps to see if Bisphenol A (BPA) is hazardous.  So, Hansen's in wrong to state there is not enough concern.  However, this concern has been going on for over ten years, and scientists have already found links between BPA and cancer, diabetes, genital defects and behavioral problems like ADHD.  People are not dying directly from this contact, but it sets people up to have issues in the future and this may be why little action is taking place.
Even the guide talking about BPA says that low doses are not harmful.  But BPA is used in everything; water bottles, sports equipment, medical and dental devices, dental fillings and sealants, CDs and DVDs, household electronics, and eyeglass lenses.  My question is when low doses invade over long periods of time and those doses are no longer low, is it toxic?  When do the doses become toxic?  It's already been banned in baby bottles and some toys, if it's harmful for a baby, should pregnant mothers beware?
I'm concerned, not only because we don't know how much BPA is toxic, but it's also everywhere.  Studies may show low levels are safe for adults, however, when it accumulates inside our bodies, is it safe then?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitten Rescue

My friend found Olive on the side of the road and he couldn't keep her because his landlord doesn't allow pets.

I cannot help but save an animal since the time my two cats went missing in 2009.  I guess I will become the crazy cat lady when I'm old.

Immediately after I took her in I gave her a flea bath and combed out her fur.  She was infested with fleas and very skinny.  Thankfully she was eating solid kitten food, but she still wasn't pooping on her own.

Honestly I think every parent should go through a kitten fostering just to have a taste of what you go through with a real baby.  For about a week I would wake up every 3-4 hours to feed her and help pee/poop her.  When she finally did poop on my shirt on the second day I sighed with relief.

After about one week I took her to her first vet appointment.  Dr. McCall saw her for no charge and estimated she was about 4 weeks old at the time of the visit.  He was a wonderful vet who used his vast knowledge to encourage me to be as natural as possible.  I already had two cats and I try to buy organic and such for them, but it's nice to have a vet who agrees.

Batman and Olive
My boyfriend and I were unsure if we were going to keep Olive; three cats in a 650 sq. foot space can be pretty crowded.  This was until Batman, our medium haired black cat, literally adopted Olive like a single dad.  After this my boyfriend and I knew they were meant to be.

Right now Olive is about two months old and happily growing up in our house, chasing her tail like the cutie pie she is.  My other cat Anya stays relatively stoic when it comes to Olive, but I think Olive is growing on her.  

Sometimes I think magick just tends to find you in the most mundane places.  Seeing a living being grow up under your feet makes me feel like I'm watching creation happen before my eyes.  On a simpler note, Olive is just too cute not to love.

I have adopted many cats in my life, some by sheer want, others fell into my lap.  If you can adopt please do and if you ever have an opportunity to save a life, please try.

Have you ever rescued an animal?  If so, what was your experience?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cleansing Your House

My boyfriend and I moved into our cottage just after February and I didn't reform a cleansing right away, mostly because I was a little lazy, and because I was busy.  After I was scared a few nights ago by a voice I decided it was time to get the negativity out and salt around the property.

I really don't want to hear that voice again because I need some sleep without fear of hearing voices all around me.  I probably won't know if it is anything more serious for a few more days, but I don't think so because I took action quickly.

It is sad how I want but do not want to see entities like I did as a child, but I guess I watch too many horror movies to have full confidence in myself.  I should try to just contact my spirit guides to help me rediscover my sight.

I keep thinking of the movie Insidious and how astro-projection is mentioned.  With how creepy some of the astro-planes were, I can't imagine a child wanting to visit, so how did he get lost in the first place?

Despite the sheer stupidity of the movie, some of the special effects were great and I like how they depicted some of the more violent ghosts.

This scene scared the crap out of me
Fear of the unknown can be hindering, but blowing caution to the wind can be just as dangerous.  So I'm super cautious when I use an ouija board because I do not want anything in my home that may harm me.  I'm not saying that this protection is enough either, entities can break through.  I remember a Pagan Centered Podcast episode on contacting entities and the dangers, but I don't remember the episode number.

The basic story was an entity left a scar on one of the hosts even after she went though her regular protections.  That truly terrifies me.

Another podcast I listen to is Infinite and Beyond, it's great and one episode #17 he invites a paranormal investigator onto his show and they speak about his experiences and how the work is done.

Cleansing a house is simple: burn sage with the windows shut, tell the negative residue to leave, (sweep the house, pushing the negative residue out), you can burn a white candle, say a prayer, but after the sage is burned open the windows to let the leftover residues escape.  I like to seal the house after this with salt all around it.  I put some extra in the doorway.

This is just what I do, there are many cleansing variations that can be done for different religious types, sage and salt are actually very common cleansers for protecting a home.  A great book to look into for identifying spiritual entities, protecting your home and yourself is Defense Against the Dark by Emily Carlin.  It's not too complicated and is neutral enough to be used in any faith.

I'm just happy that my house is clean from negativity, now if I can only get my neighbors to stop arguing at 3 am.

How do you cleanse your house?  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Skeptoid Energy Work

I heard this on Skpetoid about how energy is a measurement of work, not just a label for anything unexplained.

Although he is very critical of New Age practices and many other spiritual findings, I do see how the Pagan community and people in general misuse the word energy.  He uses a great example as to how to test using the word energy appropriately:

"Here's a good test. When you hear the word "energy" used in a spiritual or paranormal sense, substitute the phrase "measurable work capability." Does the usage still make sense? Are you actually being given any information that supports the claim being made? Remember, energy itself is not the thing being measured: energy is the measurement of work performed or of potential"

My question is what can the Pagan community call this "energy" we work with so often to meditate, create spells, make wands, communicate desires and so much more?  I have a few ideas: will, spirit, higher self can be just a few samples to what the "energy" you work with is.

Even in his own commentary about his friend:

"A friend told me of her ability to perform minor healings, and her best explanation was that she drew energy from another dimension. "

If we just replace the word "energy" the word "dimensional spirit" it makes more sense and ignores the misuse of the word energy.  If the Pagan community wants to be taken seriously in our practices we have to use proper terms for what we are working with, energy just doesn't cut it for explaining what we do.

I personally believe I draw on the spirits of the earth, wind, water and fire when I call a circle.  Perhaps when I open my chakras I am connecting with my higher self to attune with my body.  While casting a spell I will it to happen.  Moving beyond the word energy is one of the steps to leading a scientific eye to our practices.

At this moment science may not be able to explain god, goddess or all the universe but if we don't open our doors to our thoughts they may never find out. 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bad Kids, No Sugar For You

One of the families I nanny for live about 1/2 an hour away from any city.  They have a compost pile, septic tank, generator, solar panels, an organic filled fridge and no sugar added.

I firmly believe feeding children sugary drinks and snacks all day is detrimental to their health, however I do not think completely depriving a child is any better for their relationship with sugar.

Sugar is apart of our everyday lives and it is healthier to teach children to make smart choices rather than completely ignoring the question.  This not only applies to food but sex, alcohol, relationships, every social interaction depends on choices and avoiding the tough questions makes them harder to answer later.

I can just see the obsession in her eyes when Maple asks her mom if she can have sugary cakes, drinks, cookies, ice cream, processed foods on her birthday; the one day in the year where she is allowed added sugar.  Maple is only three, but I can already see the emotional desperation forming under her voice.

Every time where I find an obsession focused on food I reveal an emotionally disturbed person who does not know how to make wise decisions about food.  I was personally sugar pushed by my mother and used food to relieve my depression.  Maple does live in an emotionally adjusted family, however, their ideas about sugar need to take a turn or risk a severe obsession within Maple.

Carrots Caused This

The question is how does a parent manage sugar and let their child enjoy it?  A simple answer is not to make a big deal out of sugar, just treat it like any other food and limit it like any other food.  Carrots may be healthy, but eating too many will turn a person orange and make constipation an issue.  In short, moderation in all things.

I really do not think parents need to worry too much about their children eating added sugar if they feed them a healthy diet and let them have some sugary treat once in a while.  It's likely the sugar will be overwhelming to their taste buds and they will only want an occasional taste in the long run.  Obsession begins with denial, so don't deny children candy just don't make such a big deal about it and the children will follow suit.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tarot: Hearing Voices

Last night around midnight I heard a distinct 'boo' in my dreams and woke up.  I could feel the breath on my face and my boyfriend woke up too.

After waking up from lack of sleep I decided to ask my Heart of Faerie Oracle deck if there was something in my room.

The first card I drew was:
The Faerie of Youth

How I interpreted this card was yes there was something in my room because I used to see things in my youth.  I remember about 2 years ago I heard another voice at my parents house and it scared the goddess out of me.  I don't know what it said, but it didn't sound nice.

This 'boo' sounded playful but malicious at the same time, like it didn't want me to sleep that night.

The second card I drew was:
 The Prince of Shadows

This card told me it was a negative entity and potentially dangerous.  I didn't feel any danger at the moment, but it's better to error on the side of caution.

The last card I drew was:
The Blessing

Since my boyfriend and I moved in to this small cottage I haven't preformed a cleansing or spread any salt around the property to keep the negative entities out.  This voice may be a warning for things to come if I don't take care of the cleansing soon.

This reminds me of the time I tried to help my sister with something hanging around our parents house. After salting, preparing stones like granite and such, she finally used her tarot cards to communicate with it.

I like tarot cards personally because they can be very detailed about your situation in particular.  The pendulum doesn't work too well for me, even though they are great for quick answers.  Which form of divination works best for you?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Litha, Summer Solstice, Summertime; Blessed Be

Hello summertime!  The kids are out, the harvest is set in the ground and the sun is high in the sky.

I did my first ritual in a while, but I love summer because it's warm and the sunshine.  I love sunny windy days because it is not too hot or cold.  It was a perfect day for the solstice ritual and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Of course when I burrowed through my supplies I realized I needed to restock lots of my herbs and oils, in light of that I decided to keep my ritual simple.

I cleansed myself in the shower using some handmade soap my sister makes, if she ever created an Etsy account I'll post her stuff, grabbed my iphone and headed out into the front yard with some bird seed.

I use the music on my phone to drown out the freeway nearby and the music was just perfect on Pandora.  I called my quarters sat down and just focused on how the earth felt against my whole body.  I thought about the sun and how it gives life to all the living things and how everything only lives because of cooperation.

The breeze felt so nice against my skin and I could help but relax in the rays.  I said a little thank you to the sun and gods who bring balance to the world around us, spreading the birdseed and hoping my plants would grow strong and healthy.

So many little buds were peeking out in my front yard, just beginning to see the sun and preform their photosynthesis.  I felt alive with the plants, like a plant, living off the sun.  I floated around in this feeling for a while, I had nowhere to go, until I felt my blessing was complete, closed the circle and continued with my day.

People forget how simple you can make a ritual sometimes, especially if you are in the city or just on the go.  I even forgot and I feel so rejuvenated.

On a side note I've joined a CSA and I'm sharing with another family.  It's amazing!

The strawberries are amazing, the eggs are all different colors.  The lettuce is so crisp, the potatoes, carrots and broccoli!  AMAZING!

I advise anyone who can join a CSA to join, not only are you supporting your local farmers, but the food is fresh that day you pick it up.  The name of the CSA is Live Earth Farm and if you are close enough I insist you join.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hoarding Parents

I am not a parent, but I did grow up with two parents and I nanny for a living at the moment.  I understand there is no such thing as a perfect parent, however, sometimes the parents I work for can be self destructive.

I grew up with a physically and verbally abusive mother and an emotionally absent father.  To go even further my mother is a hoarder and the only reason why she hasn't been featured on TLC for a clean up is because my two sisters and me kept throwing things out.

Right now I'm nanny for 3 children and they live in a very messy house.  The mom came from a hoarder family and the father grew up very poor because his family immigrated from South Korea.  Now they have very well paying techie jobs and emotional trauma from each of their childhoods.

Sadly, I think the mom is just overwhelmed with 3 children, her demanding job and a constantly messy house.  However, her attitude doesn't help with solving the obvious physical problems with her house.  Honestly I think the parents need professional help to deal with their emotional issues.

One example of the hoarding tendencies is how the mom insists on keeping all the baby wipe dispensers.  I recycled two and she found them, of course, and told me to check with her before I recycle anything else.

Great idea, but we don't need 7
This one incident alone makes me feel like I'm back in my mother's house.  I felt like she didn't really want to solve her problem, but just look like she is, just enough to keep people from confronting her.  I'm going to try and talk to her about it, by asking if she wants the kids to take a more active part in cleaning and have me oversee.

Another issue I've noticed is her anger towards her children.  The second day I was there she tells her children after a stressed out rant about the state of the house and how the kids do not help,  I'm bored when I go to the park, I rather be with my friends at the mall shopping.  Do you think the mall is fun for you?  

I felt the kids being emotionally manipulated by mom over her mess; she let it go, she keeps things in the house, she is now overwhelmed and blames the kids.   It makes me a little angry and I think I need to sit down and speak to her about more structure for her and the kids sake.

I'm sorry but a freedom parenting style does not work for parents emotionally disturbed or for a house already falling apart.

What do you think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Take a Bike, Start Late

Traffic is an issue for many workers who travel far for work and some companies have offered their employees flexible working hours along with working days at home.

I know there are some people who use public transportation and vehicles likes bikes and even though it is a great way to lessen a person's carbon imprint, I know it really sucks waking up at 5 AM to wake up for work.

view from my work
I was thinking it would be a great idea to suggest to employers already implementing the stay at home policy to suggest a special policy for people who do use public transportation or ride a bike to work to have a different starting time.  Not only would it help with traffic, but the more people who use the public transportation system the better it can improve.

I really hate having to drive up to work for about thirty miles to my nanny job up in the hills.  The family lives away from every near by city and has a fantastic view, but it guzzles gas.

I rode of public transportation for four years and I know the system isn't perfect, but the system is also flawed because how we set up are cities is for an ear based on cars.

In the future I imagine a world full of light rails, high speed trains and cities built around these.  I cannot understand California's resistance to a high speed rail, if we don't start now it will only cost us more money.  I really can't stand people who cannot look to the future and only think of themselves.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boiling in California

I know I'm spoiled because I live in California and the weather usually stays under 80 degrees, but when it rises above the 80 mark I become miserable.

I do not own an air conditioner, both of my employers do not own air conditioners and I'm stuck with one crappy fan to keep me cool.  I feel awful for my plants and 3 cats who are stuck in the house.  What blows the most though is how I cannot go anywhere because traffic is backed up for miles to the beach and it effects all the major freeways.

What did I do today; turn on the fan to blow the hot air out, watch South Park, try to go somewhere cool with air conditioning, cleaned my house when I returned, watched more South Park, took a shower, went out for ice cream and lastly I watered my wilting plants.

No wonder the Native Americans moved to the ocean or hills during the summer, it's freakin hot!  I'm sweating while I'm just sitting here writing, I'll be surprised if I haven't lost weight from sweating.

My boyfriend did order a pool, thank god, it's just a little kiddie pool, but it will be nice and cool in our backyard and I don't care if I turn into a prune.

At least my tomatoes are starting to come in and I probably don't have to worry about the watermelon too much if the heat stays up.

Father's Day is going to be a pain in the butt though because it's just so freakin hot, where can we go? The beach is out, the city is going to be packed, anywhere with air conditioning is going to be a nightmare.  I know it will all be fine, but I'm just cranky because of the heat.

I feel like I didn't do anything productive today, but how can you in the heat.  Lions don't even hunt in the day, so I'm going to follow suit and move about at night.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Days With the Kids

This is kind of what I saw
When I nanny for one of my families, their daughter, Maple, is one of the most creative and free individuals I have ever met.  One of the most memorable moments is when we were playing with a bucket full of bubbles and when the bubbles flew up into the clear sky she says, "When they go up they  turn into stars!"

Her smile is wide with laughter and she continues to spin around making the bubbles appear in the air.

I remember being a creative child with my My Little Ponies creating stories, but my childhood was stunted with an abusive mother and I was a fighter.  I did not have an authentic childhood and maybe this is why I love working with children, I can experience my childhood.

Children are amazing because they view the world without the same burdens adults have.

I remember as a child I you saw shadow people around my house at night, I never told my parents, not because they were Christian, but I didn't trust them.  I'm sad to think how I lost my ability to see the spiritual realm, but I'm trying to gain it back.

It is a considerable question about if I truly want to see shadow people again and open myself up to more spirits.  It can be a truly terrifying experience even if you have a gift and are prepared for it.  All I can really do is work at it and hope for the best.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ouija Board Safety

Three people seem to be the magic number in using an ouija board.  Perhaps it is just the syncing of energy between my boyfriend Mike and me.  He says he has an anti-paranormal field around him.

Mike does want to experience something, but I don't know if he would believe or understand the experience.  I could help him and maybe guide him, but he needs to find his own spirituality.

I truly believe people psych themselves into seeing things however, especially with games like Mother May I? or Bloody Mary.  I do not like looking into mirrors at night, I do think they are portals to realms and if you call on something it will respond.

If you want something bad to come, it will come to your ouija session.  I can handle mischievous fairies, but as for anything too aggressive or negative I firmly tell them I'm in control and say goodbye.  I don't do the ouija board to find negativity, but to generate fun.

There are many theories to who or what contacts through an ouija board.  One theory is ghosts or spiritual entities, another is dependent on who is there and their energy and maybe one of the people is just moving it.

I will say though if it is just people manipulating the ouija board why would they spell out gibberish?  Perhaps their aura is out of balance and they have no control over their psychic thoughts, but if someone was intentionally messing I would hope they would make some sense and fun out of the ouija experience.

I also have a theory about how nighttime and turning off electronic devices helps enhance the ouija experience.  The energy of people during the daytime can be overwhelming and cause messages on the board to be muted.  Basically energy, of any kind, can interfere with the messages and because people are usually asleep at night it becomes easier to communicate through the ouija board.

Before I start most sessions I cast a circle and ask for protection from negativity.  If you don't know how to cast a circle or feel uncomfortable you can pray or just use salt to purify the area, a very traditional way to purify.   I also, never ask the entity to move anything in the real world or poke it too much.  If I do feel threatened I say goodbye immediately.  I think this has protected me somewhat and there isn't any harm for being super cautious.

I cannot understand why people show such disrespect when attempting to contact an entity.  Maybe it's the lack of respect or understanding about the spiritual realm causing dark energy to manifest and scare people into fits of fear.  The ouija board isn't a way to make a prank call into the spiritual real and if you are using it as such how do you know the entity doesn't have caller ID?

I'm not saying do not have fun, but one grain of respect can alter a bad experience.  To go even further, if you are not comfortable with using tarot, ouija boards, tea leaves, or any other divination device, don't do it.  Your own fear and guilt can completely change how you perceive the tool.

I know there are many superstitious rules about ouija boards and thousands of horror stories, but if you use respect, protect yourself and have fun there shouldn't be an issue unless you make it an issue.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey Nanny

My Painting, Oh No Snow White
I started out in school seeking a degree in creative writing, but as time passed I realized I'm not a writer at this point in my life.  I just haven't lived enough to really write anything, so I've returned to another love of mine, childcare.

I find such joy in caring for children through learning and exploring and at the moment I have one job and another soon.

The parents I work for are liberal, understanding and extremely flexible, especially when it comes to me continuing school.

I think I've earned weekends off, especially after working for over 6 years without much hope for a Saturday or Sunday off.  One of the worst phrases I used to hear was "Have a great weekend!"  I'm sorry, but if you say those words to a retail/food service employee, you have committed a serious social crime.

I'm here working for eight hours on a day you have off, how do you think I feel?

I am past this now and I don't have to work weekends unless I want to.  This gives me time to focus on my art and perhaps I will write a great novel or set of short stories.  Many writers do not reach their peak until they're early thirties, maybe by then I will have something to write.

I can see why I need to write, to hone my skills in storytelling, much like how an artist takes many life drawing classes in order to understand reality before they bend reality.

Caution Zombies
I've wanted to write a screenplay about retail, especially about my coffee shop job, I never realized how much pain I've caused to the coffee pusher.  That's why people who mull around and don't know what they want piss me off.  Know what you want, then get in line these people want to think beyond you and smoke some pot in the back.

I never understood the lack of respect retail workers receive.  Heads up, we're people, have feelings and deserve better healthcare and a living wage.

I truly believe forcing the young to work a part time job, go to school, eat badly, stress about money is unhealthy for everyone.  Also, when you work retail for a career it promotes very unhealthy mental and physical habits out of fear of losing your job.

Why didn't I become a nanny years ago?

I think I was scared or just didn't know what I wanted but now, thank the gods, I do and living how I want.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I Grow Shit

Isn't this mailbox epic?
Right now my garden is doing well, especially the tomatoes, and I will eat every last fruit and vegetable grown there.  Sadly some of the plants died, but I threw them into the compost pile and everything was fine.

Mike is especially endearing because he keeps building planter boxes, setting up the patio, rotating the compost.  It's great working together, growing food, not lawns.  In fact our front yard features a sink and toilet birdbath and planter.

I'm trying to understand the seasons, planting and want to learn canning to preserve our food.  I'm just so happy, I'm painting again and working the earth for the better.

The only issue with today was how hot it was and it's only going to rise over the passing week, so it was a little difficult appreciating the earth or doing any sort of ritual.  I even think the spirits were taking pause because the Ouija board wouldn't work.

It is going to be hot all week and I have no A/C, but I'm thinking of buying a kiddie pool.  I don't care if the neighbors stare,  they are jest jealous because I thought of the pool first. 

Look I grew some stuff in an old toilet!  Yah you like that shit don't you?

For the birds

Herb garden

Mike's planter boxes

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mundane Work and Healthcare

I decided to play with my Ouija board again and my boyfriend is joining me tonight.  II'm kind of excited and hope it will work out.

Sometimes I find the Ouija board will not work very well for me, but as long as it's fun I don't really care if it works very well.  Of course I'm setting up a protection circle, spraying some sage and using protection oils just in case.  I haven't cleansed the house, except for a vacuum, since we moved in here in February.

I don't feel any negativity from this house, in fact I think some fairies are hanging out in my garden, I'll have to take some pictures when the flowers start to bloom.

I did pick up some supplies today, with my friend John, at the witchy store by the sea, because sometimes I just want to visit the ocean and chill.  Not chilling today though because I had videos to make and I'm still a little tired from yesterday.

I purchased some sage spray and protection oil and we stayed at the beach for a moment to make a quick video.

I'm really trying to just get my magickal groove back and focus on my art I've started but haven't finished because I was working six days a week for about a month.

I really can't imagine working two jobs, it kills me because you never have a break, especially from the mundane things like cooking dinner, cleaning, washing clothes, shopping, ect.  Celebrities have people to do those mundane activities for them, pointed out by for why talking advice from rich people would be a dumb idea; celebrities do not live in a poor person's reality.

It's weird how you decide not to allow time for yourself because of all the mundane going on all around you.  You forget about magick and focus all your energy to just moving your car, your work, your schedule  and your emotions around to just to zombie your way through life.

It reminds me of the book The Working Poor where people just work until the drop because the government failed them.  

I'm pissed off with not being able to afford health insurance.  The minimum is about $100, but I have diabetes, so who knows how high it can go up.  

Everyone knows when people aren't covered, everyone suffers from high cost patients with no way to pay.  I honestly believe a healthy people is a happy people and why government is so against letting voters be happy.

People say it costs too much, but when someone goes bankrupt because of medical bills, I think that price is too high to pay.  America is the only first world country without a government run medical system, obviously it works if the rest of the world is using it.

Sometimes having one part of your life in chaos impedes the development or structure of others, my health may or may not be in order, although I do try to avoid carbs and sugar.  Seeking spiritual calm will only help, so why not keep up the dedication to my path.

Becoming balanced in one way will help steamroll the others into like I think, so I'm just going to live and meditate on life for the time being.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lazy Environmentalist

Merry Meet all!

 I haven't written in a long time, mainly because I haven't done anything magickal in a while, but that's ok because I'm finally have a job in the field I want and that is Child Development. Technically I'm a nanny for one 3 year old girl and the sister as soon as she starts to crawl. I'm just happy and all I have to do is free play with her while the mom works. Oh, joy.

I'm going back to school for my credentials so perhaps I can find a career as a child care provider. Everything is going pretty well, moved to a tiny little cottage in the downtown area, love it, it has a huge backyard where I'm planting a garden. I guess I'm just trying to be a better blogger, I have no excuse, but some days I just forget or I'm just lazy.

Well, anyway I'm trying to rededicate myself and I hope this works. Recently I have watched too many environmental documentaries, now I feel very depressed because not matter what I do I feel like it's not enough.

I recycle.
Buy environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Buy organic bathing products.
Shop at the local farmers market and organically when I can.
I am growing a garden.
I'm also composting.

But I feel like I'm just a small dot. I know I am, but am I making a difference, sure, but I feel like I should be doing more and I guess that's a motivating idea to build on. I would like to stop buying soda, switch to cloths for cleaning, use glass bottles for my personal cleaning products, make my own home cleaning products, build a water storage, form a small community garden and, and, much....

There is just always something out their ready to damage my quality of life and health to almost the point of paranoia. But, I can only do what I can do because of money, time and energy, so one step at a time right?

Oh, and of course as soon as I want to start taking actual classes at the Firefly Academy the school is closed for maintenance after this semester. Only for a month, but still, lol, only after I want to apply. I think I need community, but where I live kind of sucks magickally, but maybe I need to look again on Going or Meetup, I've never gone to any of the actual Pagan events, so try it before I jump into some online bit? I like people, but if they are just a bunch of immature teenagers pretending to sparkle or whatever, forget it.

Anywhoo, I will write soon. Blessed be!