Monday, June 18, 2012

Take a Bike, Start Late

Traffic is an issue for many workers who travel far for work and some companies have offered their employees flexible working hours along with working days at home.

I know there are some people who use public transportation and vehicles likes bikes and even though it is a great way to lessen a person's carbon imprint, I know it really sucks waking up at 5 AM to wake up for work.

view from my work
I was thinking it would be a great idea to suggest to employers already implementing the stay at home policy to suggest a special policy for people who do use public transportation or ride a bike to work to have a different starting time.  Not only would it help with traffic, but the more people who use the public transportation system the better it can improve.

I really hate having to drive up to work for about thirty miles to my nanny job up in the hills.  The family lives away from every near by city and has a fantastic view, but it guzzles gas.

I rode of public transportation for four years and I know the system isn't perfect, but the system is also flawed because how we set up are cities is for an ear based on cars.

In the future I imagine a world full of light rails, high speed trains and cities built around these.  I cannot understand California's resistance to a high speed rail, if we don't start now it will only cost us more money.  I really can't stand people who cannot look to the future and only think of themselves.