Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey Nanny

My Painting, Oh No Snow White
I started out in school seeking a degree in creative writing, but as time passed I realized I'm not a writer at this point in my life.  I just haven't lived enough to really write anything, so I've returned to another love of mine, childcare.

I find such joy in caring for children through learning and exploring and at the moment I have one job and another soon.

The parents I work for are liberal, understanding and extremely flexible, especially when it comes to me continuing school.

I think I've earned weekends off, especially after working for over 6 years without much hope for a Saturday or Sunday off.  One of the worst phrases I used to hear was "Have a great weekend!"  I'm sorry, but if you say those words to a retail/food service employee, you have committed a serious social crime.

I'm here working for eight hours on a day you have off, how do you think I feel?

I am past this now and I don't have to work weekends unless I want to.  This gives me time to focus on my art and perhaps I will write a great novel or set of short stories.  Many writers do not reach their peak until they're early thirties, maybe by then I will have something to write.

I can see why I need to write, to hone my skills in storytelling, much like how an artist takes many life drawing classes in order to understand reality before they bend reality.

Caution Zombies
I've wanted to write a screenplay about retail, especially about my coffee shop job, I never realized how much pain I've caused to the coffee pusher.  That's why people who mull around and don't know what they want piss me off.  Know what you want, then get in line these people want to think beyond you and smoke some pot in the back.

I never understood the lack of respect retail workers receive.  Heads up, we're people, have feelings and deserve better healthcare and a living wage.

I truly believe forcing the young to work a part time job, go to school, eat badly, stress about money is unhealthy for everyone.  Also, when you work retail for a career it promotes very unhealthy mental and physical habits out of fear of losing your job.

Why didn't I become a nanny years ago?

I think I was scared or just didn't know what I wanted but now, thank the gods, I do and living how I want.