Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ouija Board Safety

Three people seem to be the magic number in using an ouija board.  Perhaps it is just the syncing of energy between my boyfriend Mike and me.  He says he has an anti-paranormal field around him.

Mike does want to experience something, but I don't know if he would believe or understand the experience.  I could help him and maybe guide him, but he needs to find his own spirituality.

I truly believe people psych themselves into seeing things however, especially with games like Mother May I? or Bloody Mary.  I do not like looking into mirrors at night, I do think they are portals to realms and if you call on something it will respond.

If you want something bad to come, it will come to your ouija session.  I can handle mischievous fairies, but as for anything too aggressive or negative I firmly tell them I'm in control and say goodbye.  I don't do the ouija board to find negativity, but to generate fun.

There are many theories to who or what contacts through an ouija board.  One theory is ghosts or spiritual entities, another is dependent on who is there and their energy and maybe one of the people is just moving it.

I will say though if it is just people manipulating the ouija board why would they spell out gibberish?  Perhaps their aura is out of balance and they have no control over their psychic thoughts, but if someone was intentionally messing I would hope they would make some sense and fun out of the ouija experience.

I also have a theory about how nighttime and turning off electronic devices helps enhance the ouija experience.  The energy of people during the daytime can be overwhelming and cause messages on the board to be muted.  Basically energy, of any kind, can interfere with the messages and because people are usually asleep at night it becomes easier to communicate through the ouija board.

Before I start most sessions I cast a circle and ask for protection from negativity.  If you don't know how to cast a circle or feel uncomfortable you can pray or just use salt to purify the area, a very traditional way to purify.   I also, never ask the entity to move anything in the real world or poke it too much.  If I do feel threatened I say goodbye immediately.  I think this has protected me somewhat and there isn't any harm for being super cautious.

I cannot understand why people show such disrespect when attempting to contact an entity.  Maybe it's the lack of respect or understanding about the spiritual realm causing dark energy to manifest and scare people into fits of fear.  The ouija board isn't a way to make a prank call into the spiritual real and if you are using it as such how do you know the entity doesn't have caller ID?

I'm not saying do not have fun, but one grain of respect can alter a bad experience.  To go even further, if you are not comfortable with using tarot, ouija boards, tea leaves, or any other divination device, don't do it.  Your own fear and guilt can completely change how you perceive the tool.

I know there are many superstitious rules about ouija boards and thousands of horror stories, but if you use respect, protect yourself and have fun there shouldn't be an issue unless you make it an issue.