Friday, June 15, 2012

Days With the Kids

This is kind of what I saw
When I nanny for one of my families, their daughter, Maple, is one of the most creative and free individuals I have ever met.  One of the most memorable moments is when we were playing with a bucket full of bubbles and when the bubbles flew up into the clear sky she says, "When they go up they  turn into stars!"

Her smile is wide with laughter and she continues to spin around making the bubbles appear in the air.

I remember being a creative child with my My Little Ponies creating stories, but my childhood was stunted with an abusive mother and I was a fighter.  I did not have an authentic childhood and maybe this is why I love working with children, I can experience my childhood.

Children are amazing because they view the world without the same burdens adults have.

I remember as a child I you saw shadow people around my house at night, I never told my parents, not because they were Christian, but I didn't trust them.  I'm sad to think how I lost my ability to see the spiritual realm, but I'm trying to gain it back.

It is a considerable question about if I truly want to see shadow people again and open myself up to more spirits.  It can be a truly terrifying experience even if you have a gift and are prepared for it.  All I can really do is work at it and hope for the best.