Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cleansing Your House

My boyfriend and I moved into our cottage just after February and I didn't reform a cleansing right away, mostly because I was a little lazy, and because I was busy.  After I was scared a few nights ago by a voice I decided it was time to get the negativity out and salt around the property.

I really don't want to hear that voice again because I need some sleep without fear of hearing voices all around me.  I probably won't know if it is anything more serious for a few more days, but I don't think so because I took action quickly.

It is sad how I want but do not want to see entities like I did as a child, but I guess I watch too many horror movies to have full confidence in myself.  I should try to just contact my spirit guides to help me rediscover my sight.

I keep thinking of the movie Insidious and how astro-projection is mentioned.  With how creepy some of the astro-planes were, I can't imagine a child wanting to visit, so how did he get lost in the first place?

Despite the sheer stupidity of the movie, some of the special effects were great and I like how they depicted some of the more violent ghosts.

This scene scared the crap out of me
Fear of the unknown can be hindering, but blowing caution to the wind can be just as dangerous.  So I'm super cautious when I use an ouija board because I do not want anything in my home that may harm me.  I'm not saying that this protection is enough either, entities can break through.  I remember a Pagan Centered Podcast episode on contacting entities and the dangers, but I don't remember the episode number.

The basic story was an entity left a scar on one of the hosts even after she went though her regular protections.  That truly terrifies me.

Another podcast I listen to is Infinite and Beyond, it's great and one episode #17 he invites a paranormal investigator onto his show and they speak about his experiences and how the work is done.

Cleansing a house is simple: burn sage with the windows shut, tell the negative residue to leave, (sweep the house, pushing the negative residue out), you can burn a white candle, say a prayer, but after the sage is burned open the windows to let the leftover residues escape.  I like to seal the house after this with salt all around it.  I put some extra in the doorway.

This is just what I do, there are many cleansing variations that can be done for different religious types, sage and salt are actually very common cleansers for protecting a home.  A great book to look into for identifying spiritual entities, protecting your home and yourself is Defense Against the Dark by Emily Carlin.  It's not too complicated and is neutral enough to be used in any faith.

I'm just happy that my house is clean from negativity, now if I can only get my neighbors to stop arguing at 3 am.

How do you cleanse your house?