Monday, June 11, 2012

I Grow Shit

Isn't this mailbox epic?
Right now my garden is doing well, especially the tomatoes, and I will eat every last fruit and vegetable grown there.  Sadly some of the plants died, but I threw them into the compost pile and everything was fine.

Mike is especially endearing because he keeps building planter boxes, setting up the patio, rotating the compost.  It's great working together, growing food, not lawns.  In fact our front yard features a sink and toilet birdbath and planter.

I'm trying to understand the seasons, planting and want to learn canning to preserve our food.  I'm just so happy, I'm painting again and working the earth for the better.

The only issue with today was how hot it was and it's only going to rise over the passing week, so it was a little difficult appreciating the earth or doing any sort of ritual.  I even think the spirits were taking pause because the Ouija board wouldn't work.

It is going to be hot all week and I have no A/C, but I'm thinking of buying a kiddie pool.  I don't care if the neighbors stare,  they are jest jealous because I thought of the pool first. 

Look I grew some stuff in an old toilet!  Yah you like that shit don't you?

For the birds

Herb garden

Mike's planter boxes