Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Ouija

I'm fascinated with spirits and ghostly entities, I used to see a man, like a cowboy, in my house as a child. I was never scared, but I did think it was my dad. I didn't use a Ouija board until recently, I made it myself and convinced some friends to try it. We made a circle, but the board would not work in my friend's apartment, it was too well protected, but when we moved it outside it worked.

The strongest entity we encountered was a slender-man type of creature, my friend said it was probably a fairy and had a mischievous smile. Nothing happened, they were experienced with protections circles and spells, I leaned some basics from them and I have a very strong will. This will was tested in one of the most engaging sessions I had.

My niece and other sister joined me and the board was very strong that night in my childhood home. The most malicious entity there was my mother and her negativity, so I was sure to cleanse the house beforehand and told anything with ill intent to get out. I created a salt circle and firmly said nothing evil will enter and around midnight, we set up the board and it was quick to pick up spirits.

There were three who told us they were our guardian angels. I throughly said bullshit. This agitated them and I didn't back down because they kept insisting they were our guardian angels. I called them liars and said for them to go and never come back or they would have to face me. They have never come back and nobody else there was ever bothered by them either.

I'm not scared of spirits, except when they speak in my ear, that scared the hell out of me and I try not to let them manipulate me. Using a board is fun, but I don't mess around when it come to keeping the spirits I don't want out.