Monday, November 15, 2010

Catching Up

Merry meet,

Again, it has been a long time since I have written anything mainly because of my chaotic mundane life at the moment. The down-low version:

*new boyfriend
*mother still sick
*looking for a better job
*working (for free) on a comic for a friend
*still making stupid videos
*school >P
*making lots of new friends

Yes I'm really busy, but since I have to stay up for laundry anyway I decided to jot down a quick message.

For my spiritual life, it's been pretty empty, mainly because I've been lazy. I feel horrible, and I need to stick with it because it will be better for my spirit. The latest spell I did was for a friend to help him find a job and it worked, but that was months ago. I think I need to focus more on myself instead of others if I hope to receive anything.

My life is mostly in peace, but for the little emotional bumps. I love the new boyfriend, he is so sweet, nice, kind, gentle, has his own place and a well paying job. I thank the god and goddess constantly, but I think it's my turn to have some good fortune. However, I do firmly beleive that I will receive nothing until I can handle myself on the budget I have, or at least ask for help from my parents. I do think this is why I can't find a better job, so I better get controlling my dollars.

It's really difficult for me though, I've never had to really watch my money until now. Perhaps I've just been asking for the wrong things, instead of a job, maybe a better control over my cash? I truly don't know.

Everyone is having financial difficulties and I'm glad most of my friends have found decent jobs (I'm still looking constantly). I applied for FASFA to help my dad out with my school expenses, I hope they take me so I can finally finish school and earn my creative writing degree.

By the way, since I broke up with Brian I've had a creative storm. It feels so good to be writing again, even thought I hit days where I can't type a word, most I can keep my fingers busy.

So, please wish me luck in tightening my belt.

Blessed be :)