Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My One Eyed Cat is Still Missing

Both of my cats went missing on 10/27, we got one of them back, but the other is still at large.

Color: Orange and White Tabby Shorthair
Unique Feature: Missing Left Eye
Gender: Male (neutered)
Last Seen: 10/27 Campbell, Ca Walters Ave

We checked the local shelters, who only seem to care about licensing and beating you for every penny to bail out your cat.

How ridiculious is it when it costs over 150$ to bail out a cat and it costs 100$-55$ to adopt one? No wonder people abandon their pets in the shelter, it's cheaper to adopt another one than free their own.

We even thought we found him, and called the shelter, but they were closed on Monday, the last legal day they are obligated to hold our lost pet, so we couldn't pick him up until Tuesday.

However, there was no sign of him at the shelter on Tuesday and we were both mad, because how could we pick up our cat yesterday when they weren't open and we called telling them he was our cat?

I pray he wasn't euthanized and I hope we can find him.

We just haven't stopped crying, please help us find him.