Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy Painting My Life On Etsy

Hi everyone, I know I haven't written in this blog in a while but here is why:

Alice looking at a cardboard tree.

Zombies Don't Eat Cows, will be shown in October at Great Bear Coffee in Los Gatos.

Rainbow City, avaliable on Etsy.

A present for my niece's birthday

Custom order for a friend.

I've done all of these paintings in the last few weeks.  I also opened an Etsy store, ADD Anonymous, and been working away on more paintings and sales.

I'm just so inspired and finally happy that I can't stop, however, I think I shouldn't ignore my audience, so I will be posting about my art here, as well as on my other blog.

My art is apart of my religious path and I'm just so happy I found a creative outlet.

Blessed be!