Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

Of course on the first week of school I catch a nasty cold. Not only did I miss class, but two days of work. DANG! I really need the hours :( And I'm hoping I receive a call from a library job soon...16$ an hour...shelving books...air English Majors dream....

I've just been so wrapped up in school, work and stuffy noses that I'm thankful the full moon is coming :)

Also, my fiance was almost hired for a scam. I'm just so angry at people who use these hard economic times to take advantage of the financially desperate. It takes a very twisted individual to call and promise a job which requires lying and manipulation to accomplish. GERR, it just makes me so MAD!

So, onto a witchy matter, I recently did a tarot reading for my fiance and I'm happy because he is a Christian and he did say it helped give him some clarity on his situation. I'm new to using tarot, but I seem to have a ability, as long as I stay focused :) I understand all the forms of divination are just to be used as a tool for life changing decisions and problems, not an absolute guide to what shall be. Because the individual can change their own future depending on their choices.