Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Strange Dreams and How Did My Niece Do

Again, two strange dreams, I can remember, from the past few nights:

1. My boyfriend and I went to a Pinkberry and were accused of stealing money from them.
2. A comic book depicts the future through poems and vivid illustration.

I thought the comic book one was very interesting. And apparently I laugh in my sleep, according to my boyfriend anyway,

As for my niece's interview, Starbucks was ok, but Whole Foods basically hired her, so I think my energy sent a good boost. YAY!

Right now I've been sick off and on for about 2 weeks, this cold is hitting me hard at the moment so I'm a little groggy, even though I'm hyped up on serious caffeine, girls gotta work.

On a more magical note, I think I'm going to get a box and focus on honoring Brigid at the Fall Equinox, mainly to help me keep track with school and such. I will decorate the box and put a new fact/something I learned or researched in the box to show her I'm learning and devoting time to better my education. It's just a small offering, but I'm trying to earn at least Bs in all of my classes so I don't feel so bad about myself.

Blessed be,
Shadow Moon