Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spell for Success

I am a hard worker, but who doesn't want a little assistance in searching for a job right now? I just did a little spell to help my niece out with her interviews, and with the economy as it is she needs all the prayer, luck, spells and success thrown at her.

She did do half the work in looking for a job, she is also a hard worker and currently has a job, where she was offered a promotion, however she declined because it was too much work for a minuscule raise in pay.

So, for the spell for her I used 2 GREEN candles (to symbolize her two interviews today) and a modified incense from Scott Cunninghams Incense, Oils and Brews (1989).

3 parts WOOD ALOE
2 parts RED STORAX (all storax is unavailable so use FRANKINCENSE or GUM ARABIC)
1 part NUTMEG

3 parts SANDALWOOD with Creativity Oil
2 parts GUM ARABIC
1 part NUTMEG
1 part ROSE

I added 1 part ROSE PETALS for love/purity of intent and some Creativity Oil by Dancing Witch from Serpents Kiss.

To further the intent I burned a pice of paper with a few sentences stating how my niece WILL have a good interview, she WILL receive a call back, ect. This is to compensate for my lack of meditation focus. Sometimes, especially when I don't feel 100% I just can't keep my visualization up, so I burned my willful words instead.

Hope this helps anyone who needs some success in their life. And please be careful when using fire. :)

Have any successful spell stories you want to share?

Blessed be,
Shadow Moon