Monday, July 9, 2012

Dream: Shapeshifting Father to Significant Other

by AT2663 
I recently remembered another dream, so I wrote it down and used Dream Moods to help me interpret it.  Any good dream sites I should know about?

This dream was a little long and filled with symbols:

At first the dream started out in a casino, I think it was in Lake Tahoe, because of the forested atmosphere later in the dream.  I'm a person who takes risks when I need to, but I wasn't betting in this casino.  A man was, very happy, don't remember his face very well, but I don't recognize him.

Since I wasn't taking the risk, maybe the dream was telling me to take one in this casino.  The man just  was on a winning streak and just won $10 in nickels.  The nickels could follow suit in the risk taking factor because of the number five.  However, I did not take the risk and the dream moved on.

Later in the dream I'm was at a farmers market, I was just looking and went into a comic shop.  The farmers market could mean something I need was there, maybe a healthier diet?  I didn't buy anything there, but I did buy a comic in the comic shop.  I left, got on a bike and started biking down a road where I bumped  into my father.  He looked at the comic and said it was silly.  Perhaps I just need to be silly sometimes.
He was holding a tourmaline quartz while he was walking to a fundraiser at a local elementary school for ninth graders.  The quartz probably shows a union of masculine and feminine energies because it both has black and white in it.   Why my father was holding it was a mystery.  

The mention of an elementary school brought back memories of being relentlessly teased and along with the number nine could mean I'm finding closure about my past.  I biked to the school and I noticed some very short swings, another reference to childhood and perhaps how short it was for me.  I also saw some children playing in the distance, but I do not go there.

Inside the school a bunch of people were still setting up and I look at the menu.  It was an all you can eat shrimp buffet and I'm allergic to shrimp.  I saw my dad and told him I would help out, but I couldn't eat the food.  He said sorry and decided to drive me back to the farmer's market to pick up something to eat.

At the farmer's market my father and I ordered rice bowls and as we waited I turned around and saw my current boyfriend, Mike,  standing there instead.  The lady who was making our order asked Mike what kind of noodles he wanted and he snapped back "I told you I wanted rice."

I looked at him and said, "She just wants to get your order right."  I held my boyfriend and kissed him, he smiled back.
by Tammy Farrugia

The strangest part of the dream was my father suddenly turning into my boyfriend.  I know they look alike and are almost the same height, but the sudden transformation is strange.  I'm already pretty self reliant so I'm guessing when I saw my father doesn't mean I'm dependent.

However, my father turning into my boyfriend was a symbol of our current relationship.  Mike reminds me of my father and I think he is the sweetest man on the planet, considering some of my baggage he deals with.  I'm just going to take it and run because I can't ask for anyone better than my dad.