Monday, July 2, 2012

Dream: Surrogate Mother

Robertsan1 painter Schrotzberg died in 1926
I don't often have dreams, but when I do I try to write them down.  The phase of the moon was waxing gibbous, June 30, 2012.

This wasn't one of my strangest dreams, but it was strange for me to be expecting a baby.  I like nannying for children, but as for having one, I like to sleep in on weekends.

My boyfriend Mike and I were using a surrogate to have a child,  I saw the image of the child to be in my dream while Mike and I were at some sort of healthclub.  Apparently it was with the surrogates egg and his sperm she was pregnant, probably because my genetics were horrible.

I have diabetes, epilepcy, heart disease, cancer, altimerz all on my side of the family.  Mike's is realtivly healthy, so I imagine we decided to use the surrogates egg.

Tripton's Hand by
I remember asking why Mike suddenly wanted a baby after we discussed not having children.  That's about the time I woke up.

I like to use dream moods for interpreting my dreams and went there and searched: surrogate, health club, baby, swiming pool and sperm.  he dream could be a literal interpretation, however I do not think so.  Considering my rededication to Wicca, I think it symbolizes more of a new beginning for me.  Even the health club has meaning, it could mean to apply what I have already learnd.  Even the surrogate was a symbol showing how I was missing my path in my life.

I rearely remember my dreams and think everyone I do remember as important.  Of course my boyfriend thinks a dream is just a dream.

Any strange dreams you would like to share?