Friday, August 14, 2009

Invading Dream

I had a nightmare about Neo-Nazis coming into my house and taking over. They had Uzis, combat boots. My parents were out of the house and for some reason my co-worker Ande was there.

I tried to fight them, but that didn’t work, there were about fifty of them yelling, screaming, ready to set up a ritualistic fire in the back yard. Funny enough they didn’t take away our cell phones or computers, but they did cut the lines and set up an anti-cell signal.

I did finally escape and I was able to call the police, but I kept dialing the wrong number. Finally I escaped with some clothes up to my sister’s house. After I must have astro-projected back to the house to get some more things, then I was picked up by the police.

It was a scary dream, but usually I remember them if they are important. Perhaps it’s to warn be to protect myself from outside influences or even to remind me that I do have the power to astro-project. I think everyone does have the power because we all dream and visit different places.

I really didn’t like the place I visited last night, but I hope I can learn from it.