Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luck Spells and Money

I preformed a luck spell today as I entered some survey contests and as the smoke rose I could feel the energy flowing though my body. Small slivers of light danced as the incense drifted through. The smell is robust and strong and I chanted for the spirits of luck to hear me and drink in the aroma.

The energy shook through me as I sent out my visual plea to win some extra cash. I don’t think this is selfish in the least because in the long run financial stability promotes good for everyone. And I wasn’t asking for the money, but luck in winning the money, which I think is even less biased.

There seems to be some controversy in the ethics on money spells mainly because it’s free. This is untrue however, because it takes time, often money and effort for a spell to work. The only reason why I would say no to casting a money spell is when the caster is expecting it for nothing or no effort. But if they are currently working or looking for a job, there is no harm to spell some extra cash your way.

Money is an object given value by a society, it’s bartering with government paper. But it is what the landlord wants for rent, so I suggest you pay with bills and not cookies. Personally, I rather do an exchange system, I could write a poem, wash your dishes, baby-sit kids, my skills maybe small, but I do not fear work.

I think money promotes greed, unhappiness, unhealthy desires, especially when it looses its toll status and becomes a die hard necessity. Today it is necessary to have money, but it’s tool to buy food and other needs and wants. However, it does not bring joy, happiness, self-satisfaction, it is merely an aid to the means.

I see no problem with money spells as long as you use them responsibly and do not rely on them for success. But be careful, everything come back, good and bad.