Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pig Dream

I don’t normally remember my dreams but last night I had a dream of having a miniature pig and giving it a bath in my little bathroom sink. The funny thing is it transformed from a black and white striped pig into a pink domesticated pig. I also remember it speaking to me, but I don’t remember all the words. I think it was mostly about why do you want me as your pet? And such.

It could be my subconscious asking why I’m so scared of letting go of my wild side, but I think it’s telling me not to let go because being domesticated is so mundane. I really don’t know what to say, I tend to remember my really important dreams and perhaps this is telling me to be in touch with my wild side and forget my inhibitions so I can really experience life.

It feels like a warning, never to be someone’s pet, follow your instincts, don’t loose your nature when living within the bounds of society. I really thought the pig was cute and it was so strange to how I washed away it’s natural markings for a domestic pink. It didn’t really struggle it just mostly asked why I was washing this away.

It’s like taking a shower and washing off the day, but I think society does more than just coat our skin, it tells us we can’t do things, magick doesn’t exist, Christianity is the only path, live to work, the world brainwashes us until we are socially acceptable like a domesticated pig.