Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian Core Values

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing a woman who just wanted to pass the dream act, however, was voting for Romney, who opposes the dream act, because she disagrees with the Democrats core values.

Affordable heath care, affordable education, a balanced budget, green energy, pro equality for gay rights; really terrible stuff.  I'm not saying Obama is perfect, there were some bills he signed I found questionable, like making protesting a federal offense during certain political events, but I remembered how Congress passed the bill in the first place.

Every president signed questionable legislation at one time or another, like the wiretapping scandal, George W. Bush approved, but my question was, "What are Christian core values?"

I remembered what Jesus said: "Love your neighbor as yourself.", the second greatest commandment.  He did not say, if you agreed with your neighbor, only if your neighbor was straight, rich, or only if they were nice to you, just straight up love your neighbor.

The core value was plainly stated by Jesus, nothing about homosexuality, nada, and this was during an era where grown men were having sex with young boys.  Jesus wasn't passing judgment, he was about love and respect.

When I was a Christian, sometimes I felt the community was all about judging a person by how Christian they were.  I was even once told I could not be a Christian Liberal and was a person without morals.  Seemed to me some Christians needed to find what their true religious core values were before looking at mine.