Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out in the Garden

I went out into my garden today and it's so beautiful. I just needed a break away from my computer because I may be a modern Wiccan, but I can’t forget all the birds and plants waiting for me to nurture them and honor them outside.

So I laid out there on my grass mat and began to mediate on the plants, the birds, the wind…everything working with the heartbeat of the goddess and god. It was amazing just to watch the leaves wave in the wind saying hello. Everything was moving so fast and slow at the same time, all I could to is relax and let my chakras glow.

I’ve been practicing lighting up my chakras, I don’t know if it makes much of a difference, but my third-eye always seems to be in some sort of achy pain. Is something trying to escape? Maybe the abilities I lost as a child…who knows?

I also found a feather in my garden, waiting for me like a gift from the air spirits, I took it inside on my alter. Also my cat pie seems to be acting funny lately. He come into my room, meows and then leads me outside…I have no idea why, maybe he was trying to guide me so I could experience nature today. I should do it everyday!

I remember as a child how I used to play for hours outside imaging far off adventures, I was lucky to have a large backyard. It seems so far away now, but I remember the magick taking place in my mind to make my dreams a reality. Honesty is lost as we grow older, mainly to keep ourselves from being hurt. I’m often told I will be killed if I don’t keep to myself, I ignore it and have been in hard trouble before.

Trouble seems to find me and my big mouth but I think the extroverts are just as important as the introverts. I know the quiet ones work behind the scenes, but without the mouthpieces everything would be a silent scream within closed doors.

I’m also debating on doing a podcast. It wouldn’t always be about witchy stuff because nobody in the Pagan community is just pagan, they are people too with ordinary problems. I have opinions about everything, somebody might want to share them right?