Monday, July 30, 2012

Beautiful People are Funny

Am I supposed to be somewhat sympathetic?  I don't know.  From images to plastic surgery people are constantly slammed with "I'm not good enough".

All you need is diet and exercise, this isn't always true, especially if you have a genetic disposition.  I think men have forgotten to make love with their hands, no their eyes.  Porn is great for a fantasy shot, but as for real sex, having a little fat cushions you for better longer sex.

I don't think America is sex obsessed, but I think America is image perfection obsessed, even when models are being air brushed everyday to meet this illusion of perfection.
Did you know this a Skin Firming cream?

The most terrifying cosmetic surgery is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and I'm not talking just about the back alley tie a six year old down and use a piece of glass, I'm speaking to women, who aren't culturally obligated, who want a "perfect" vagina.  I thought women were trying to stop FGM?

It's so culturally backwards I become shocked every time I hear it.  Unless I have a STI my vagina is just fine thank you very much.  I will openly admit my boyfriend enjoys eating me out and loves to squeeze every part of me.

Who told women the vulva they were born with is not attractive?  It comes down to money, how can the beauty industry make women feel so insecure about their bodies where they pay for a Playboy vulva?  This is the nightmare, we are living it as women, today, not 100 years ago, today.

I love this next video:

Love your tree, bush, breasts, feet, legs nose, down to your ten toes.  Margaret Cho faces this issue daily and she is skinny, but not because she obsesses, but she let go.  I try to just eat to live, enjoy what I'm eating and not just eat a Hershey's bar when I want chocolate. 

Even though I do not listen, even though I try to eat healthy, even though I have a loving boyfriend who loves every part of me in his way it still hurts me when I see the grotesque advertising to women about how they are not a woman unless you are whatever they are advertising.  I don't wear makeup, I'm about 15 lb. "overweight", I don't care to shop but I'm still a woman, just one not interested in feeling horrible about myself.