Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dream: 3 Friends, 2 Dead

I guess Mike and I were living in an apartment complex again full of plants in the center.  We were showing it to some friends, one I knew Mike F. and another one, who I thought was Venkat but I remembered calling him Hijab.  I remember the apartment was very open and full of sunlight.  I looked upward to another apartment I think it was 289, a man in a wife beater, black cap and baggy jeans yells at us.

He ran down the stairs to our apartment and stood outside the large window and took out a gun.  Bang, bang, bang; one bullet in Mike's heart, Mike F.'s head and Hijab's throat.  I grab the guy in a fit of tears and just scream "Why?!" over and over again.  I let him go and call 911.

911 leaves me on the like for half and hour and for some reason each of their wounds has a button on them.  I have to press them to keep them all alive, finally 911 answers, but Mike wanted to just drive to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital I couldn't keep pressing all the buttons, so Mike F. and Hijab die, but I'm keeping Mike alive while driving down the road.

Let's look at the main symbols, thanks to

Apartment: refers to finical and emotional state

boyfriend: a reflection of your current relationship with your boyfriend

shooter/gun: confrontation, anger, potential, danger, victimized, targeted

heart: how you are dealing with feelings, love, courage, truth, romance

throat: issues with saying what you think, feelings and expression

head: wisdom, rationality, understanding, not seeing a problem clearly

911: do not fear asking for help
by Fletcher6

3: life, vitality, imagination, inner strength, trilogy

This was a strange dream, but I think I understand what it means.  I'm living a well adjusted life at the moment and even if something goes horribly wrong I can still have some control over the situation.  I chose who to keep alive, I think this shows my love for Mike over any other consequence.  This dream was awful and I woke up shaking, but there was a message to be seen.

My life is stable at the moment, but it can change and I need to be ready for it.