Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Mabon!

Happy Mabon everyone!

I just did a short ritual today honoring Brigid, I know you're supposed to honor the god aspect, but I've been drawn to her and I thought this would be the perfect time to ask for her help with school and such.

I burned some oil I bought at Moonfyre Metaphysical, made by Sun's Eye Oils. Smells sweet and fruity, like a harvest I guess. I also wrote down what I wanted over this semester and I have a box to add all my assignments and research for Brigid to help me with.

I already have the drive to succeed, but a little help couldn't hurt.

I also did some card reading, one was for my X to see how he is doing and the other was about changing my major.

As far as I can tell my X is fine and I should just stick with my major of creative writing because I already am almost there.

I also found this great wine at Target, sweet and mellow Junebug, white wine, moscato. Really good.

I can't believe it's "fall", it's over 90 degrees here, ugh, my apartment is so HOT. Hope it cools down soon and I have use for my new sweaters!

Happy Mabon, blessed be!
Shadow Moon

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Strange Dreams and How Did My Niece Do

Again, two strange dreams, I can remember, from the past few nights:

1. My boyfriend and I went to a Pinkberry and were accused of stealing money from them.
2. A comic book depicts the future through poems and vivid illustration.

I thought the comic book one was very interesting. And apparently I laugh in my sleep, according to my boyfriend anyway,

As for my niece's interview, Starbucks was ok, but Whole Foods basically hired her, so I think my energy sent a good boost. YAY!

Right now I've been sick off and on for about 2 weeks, this cold is hitting me hard at the moment so I'm a little groggy, even though I'm hyped up on serious caffeine, girls gotta work.

On a more magical note, I think I'm going to get a box and focus on honoring Brigid at the Fall Equinox, mainly to help me keep track with school and such. I will decorate the box and put a new fact/something I learned or researched in the box to show her I'm learning and devoting time to better my education. It's just a small offering, but I'm trying to earn at least Bs in all of my classes so I don't feel so bad about myself.

Blessed be,
Shadow Moon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spell for Success

I am a hard worker, but who doesn't want a little assistance in searching for a job right now? I just did a little spell to help my niece out with her interviews, and with the economy as it is she needs all the prayer, luck, spells and success thrown at her.

She did do half the work in looking for a job, she is also a hard worker and currently has a job, where she was offered a promotion, however she declined because it was too much work for a minuscule raise in pay.

So, for the spell for her I used 2 GREEN candles (to symbolize her two interviews today) and a modified incense from Scott Cunninghams Incense, Oils and Brews (1989).

3 parts WOOD ALOE
2 parts RED STORAX (all storax is unavailable so use FRANKINCENSE or GUM ARABIC)
1 part NUTMEG

3 parts SANDALWOOD with Creativity Oil
2 parts GUM ARABIC
1 part NUTMEG
1 part ROSE

I added 1 part ROSE PETALS for love/purity of intent and some Creativity Oil by Dancing Witch from Serpents Kiss.

To further the intent I burned a pice of paper with a few sentences stating how my niece WILL have a good interview, she WILL receive a call back, ect. This is to compensate for my lack of meditation focus. Sometimes, especially when I don't feel 100% I just can't keep my visualization up, so I burned my willful words instead.

Hope this helps anyone who needs some success in their life. And please be careful when using fire. :)

Have any successful spell stories you want to share?

Blessed be,
Shadow Moon

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ants and Futuristic Wars: Dreams

Over the last two nights I remember strange dreams. The first night I can only remember about how a colony of ants were living in my new bed, but the location was my family home, not the apartment I'm living at. I remember me freaking out over the ants then I woke up.

Last night was a little more extensive. I was at a resort, very futuristic, it was like a indoor ski resort/spa. I seemed to be apart of a rebel group of sorts and there was this pink liquid that we threw like bombs. I don't remember what the bomb did, but it stopped working for some reason. I also remember being stuck in a mall like walkway system and loading up a gameboy color to play FF7. I was loading the game so I could escape into it and become Cloud (a female version), I don't think I was able to do this, because I woke up.

Yes, very strange dreams again.

I think it has something to do with how I'm scared about how my boyfriend's parents may ask the "When are you two going to get married?" question. This question terrifies me and I think I'm avoiding it subconsciously, even thought my boyfriend has told me his parents are very lax, I have a feeling they want to know WTF I'm doing with him.

Marriage? Not now. Kids? Medically speaking, not ever, maybe adoption. I don't need a ring for him to prove how much he loves me, he shows it by being kind, gentle, patient and supportive. Tying the knot scares me because I've only seen FAIL, sorry mom and dad but you're not the best example to a happy long marriage.

Sure they are still married but my mom is a medical train wreak because of her diabetes, my father is super stressed because my mom is a angry bitch and financial issues. It's not like any parents are perfect, but damn they are emotionally fucked up.

I think I just need to talk to my man about my feelings, because obviously my brain doesn't know how to shut up!

Blessed Be
Shadow Moon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living on My Own To Focus

I swear I have artistic ADD; one day I want to paint, another I want to write, then I want to record a video. I can't finish anything and it leaves me frustrated.

Right now I'm working on a script with a friend and I can't seem to be motivated, mostly because of the material details and my unfamiliarity with them. The main character is a middle-aged-coming-out-of-the-closet-gay, who is married to a woman, and has a son. None of these facts apply to me, so I think I need my friend's help to bring the character out.

However, I do need to focus on school right now. I'm taking some child development classes, an art class, and sign language. I needed a break from all of my Creative Writing major stuff, most of it is boring anyway, and all of these classes will help keep my sanity and find a better job.

I don't want to be so dependent on my boyfriend, who is so sweet, but as a student I'm limited on everything. Kind of sucks really.

I have discovered I need to focus my energies so I'm not so scatterbrained. Meditation isn't one of my strong points, but even sitting down and writing in a journal of sorts would be good. Too many distractions.

I think I need to call on a solid god/dess for this semester. The first one coming to mind is Athena.

Last Summer, when I was alone and free, I called of Eris, fuck was that interesting, mostly because I had boundless energy, dated about 15-20 guys in July, made a bunch of videos, wrote. My ADD was booming but focused in a way, however it left me exhausted for the beginning of the school year. But life didn't fall apart until I quit my job and was so depressed my grades just fell like rocks.

I really just want to get out of school, in 2 years. I will talk to a counselor, I will find out if there are any alternative classes I can take, I will kick some ass, I will write my scrip and paint to keep my sanity. I will focus.

Blessed Be,
Shadow Moon

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Ouija

I'm fascinated with spirits and ghostly entities, I used to see a man, like a cowboy, in my house as a child. I was never scared, but I did think it was my dad. I didn't use a Ouija board until recently, I made it myself and convinced some friends to try it. We made a circle, but the board would not work in my friend's apartment, it was too well protected, but when we moved it outside it worked.

The strongest entity we encountered was a slender-man type of creature, my friend said it was probably a fairy and had a mischievous smile. Nothing happened, they were experienced with protections circles and spells, I leaned some basics from them and I have a very strong will. This will was tested in one of the most engaging sessions I had.

My niece and other sister joined me and the board was very strong that night in my childhood home. The most malicious entity there was my mother and her negativity, so I was sure to cleanse the house beforehand and told anything with ill intent to get out. I created a salt circle and firmly said nothing evil will enter and around midnight, we set up the board and it was quick to pick up spirits.

There were three who told us they were our guardian angels. I throughly said bullshit. This agitated them and I didn't back down because they kept insisting they were our guardian angels. I called them liars and said for them to go and never come back or they would have to face me. They have never come back and nobody else there was ever bothered by them either.

I'm not scared of spirits, except when they speak in my ear, that scared the hell out of me and I try not to let them manipulate me. Using a board is fun, but I don't mess around when it come to keeping the spirits I don't want out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bring Your WItchy Stuff

I did have concerns about my boyfriend freaking out over all of my witchy stuff ( just because he is agnostic doesn't mean completely accepting). I asked for some advice from my friend Jon and he said, "Just do it! Bring your stuff! If he freaks out then it's something you need to talk about." He was right. My boyfriend didn't freak out, he actually kind of enjoys my things sparking off a little bit of my personality in our apartment.

Yes ours. I basically moved out and I'm loving the freedom and the taking responsibility for my own actions and life. I don't have to hide anything anymore, I can just be myself and celebrate it with my new love. Honestly I think he thinks being a witch is kind of sexy. lol

Don't let anybody you can't do something, especially if it is apart of your soul.

Blessed be in harmony,
Shadow Moon.